High traffic areas have unique cleaning needs, and we offer an On-Site Porter to be able to help maintain a professional and clean appearance of your facility. Our on-site porter services include everything necessary to help keep your business running smoothly throughout the day. 

Common On-Site Porter Services include:

Lobby Management

First impressions matter. Our On-Site Porter provides complete lobby management services, such as window/door washing, dusting, tidying newspapers, magazines and information stands, as well as emptying and relining trash cans.

Restroom Maintenance

Left unattended, public restrooms can turn into a disaster zone. Our On-Site Porter will keep your restrooms clean, fully stocked and operational.

Trash & Debris Removal

Ever been to a public place where the trash cans are overflowing? That certainly makes it difficult to properly dispose of your garbage. An On-Site Porter would prevent trash from piling up. They would monitor, empty and reline all the trash cans, as well as remove any ground debris that might be located around the outside of your facility.

Spill Clean-Up

Spills are a significant safety hazard. Any slip and fall could not only cause serious injury to a customer or employee but can also be a legal nightmare for your business. Our On-Site Porter will monitor the location for any spills and act quickly to clean the floor. Of course, floor cleaning can also make a surface slippery, so we’ll be ready with proper signs and barriers to help keep foot traffic out of any potential danger zones.

On-Site Porters are often the unseen heroes.

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